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Three Birds Renovations House 15
- Modern Mallorca

If you’re in the market for renovation inspiration, look no further than Three Birds Renovations’ latest project. This beautiful Mediterranean-inspired house boasts stunning water views and features some truly show-stopping design elements, including the use of our, Onyx WhiteTM, Carrara GoldTM, and Calacatta OroTM.
Talostone® was used in the kitchen to create an impressive 100mm bull nose edge, curved bench top in Carrara GoldTM. The result is a stunning focal point that draws the eye and provides ample space for cooking, entertaining, and everything in between. Talostone® is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms because it’s durable, easy to clean, and can be cut and shaped to fit any design aesthetic.

But the kitchen isn’t the only place where stone takes centre stage in this renovation. Onyx White™, with its beautiful pearl colour and swirling patterns, was used in the bathrooms, dressing rooms, and even as a desk top. The use of curved stone throughout the house creates a sense of flow and continuity, and adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the space.

Carrara GoldTM featured
in kitchen above.

The use of curved stone throughout the house creates a sense of flow and continuity

In the bar area, Calacatta OroTM was used on the shelves, providing a stunning backdrop for displaying drinks and decorative items. Its warm, creamy hues and distinctive veining patterns add depth and texture to the space, creating a warm and welcoming entryway.


Onyx WhiteTM featured in curved vanity and dressing table above.


Calacatta OroTM
featured on the shelves

Overall, Three Birds Renovations’ use of Talostone®, Onyx WhiteTM, Carrara GoldTM, and Calacatta OroTM in this project is a testament to the power of carefully chosen materials in creating a cohesive and beautiful design. The use of curved stone throughout the house is a particularly clever design choice that adds both visual interest and practical function. Whether you’re looking to renovate your own home or simply want to admire the work of talented designers, this project is sure to inspire.

Feeling inspired by the stunning design elements featured in Three Birds Renovations House 15? If you’d like to experience the beauty on Onyx WhiteTM, Calacatta OroTM, and Carrara GoldTM stone firsthand, click the link below to request a sample.