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Silver Ice 5030

Silver Ice 5030
Nominal slab size
3060 × 1440mm / 3200 × 1600mm
Nominal slab thickness
Surface finish

Silver Ice combines a simple white background tone with intricate, shimmery surface speckles, giving it both a sparkle and a touch of elegance.

The above colour palette selection from polytec are options given to compliment Talostone range. Please speak to your architect/designer for your colour selection of different materials. For samples of polytec door colours, please contact polytec or visit for more information.

Colours, shading and mineral distribution may vary between samples and actual slabs. For Talostone colour selection, samples are intended only as a representation of background and vein colours but not the full slab design. Please find your nearest Talostone showroom and display to view the full slab design. The colours in this website are only indicative of actual product design. We recommend making a final colour selection by viewing large slabs in your nearest kitchen retail showroom or stonemason factory to appreciate the movement of the design over a large surface.

Polytec colours that complement Silver Ice 5030

Antico Oak

Canterbury Grey

Blossom White