Care & Maintenance
  • Everyday Cleaning

Because all Talostone® surfaces are high in density and low in porosity, normal cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent is all that is required to maintain your benchtops.

We recommend wiping the benchtop surface with a soft cloth while the spills are still damp.

If further cleaning is needed, apply a spray of mild detergent and leave for 2-3 minutes then wipe off with a soft, clean cloth. More stubborn stains can be removed with a small amount of a Talostone® Cream Cleanser applied to a damp, soft cloth or Talostone® non-abrasive sponge.

We highly recommend you do not spray the cleaner directly onto the benchtop. The area should then be wiped using a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a soft cloth.

We recommend thorough cleaning of your Talostone® surface on a regular basis to keep it looking as-new.

We do not recommend using abrasive cleaners or pads on Talostone® surfaces as this could damage the surface finish and reduce the surface shine.

Leather Honed and Matte surfaces traditionally require more daily maintenance than standard or polished finishes. With a Leather Honed or Matte finish, there is more surface area so marks, stains and other signs of daily living will show more easily on these surfaces.

Most marks or stains can be removed easily using Talostone® Cream Cleanser.

  • Removing Hard Stains

If a stain was unnoticed and accidentally left overnight it may become dry and difficult to clean. We recommend spraying the area with warm water and leaving it for 5 minutes. Once the dried residue becomes soft, it can be removed with a dry, soft microfbre cloth. If the stain proves to be stubborn, Talostone® Cream Cleanser and a damp microfibre cloth may be used, working in a circular motion. Please apply Talostone® Cream Cleanser to the cloth rather than directly onto the surface.

  • Heat Tolerance

Talostone® products contain natural quartz and this allows the surface to tolerate brief exposures to moderately hot temperatures.

However, as with all stone surfaces any sudden or rapid temperature change can cause thermal shock, discolouration or damage. We recommend caution and we do not suggest hot pots and pans be placed directly on the surface.

  • Scratch Resistant

Because all Talostone® surfaces are engineered, they are highly scratch resistant and durable. But the surface is not indestructible and any stone can be damaged by sharp or metal objects. We strongly recommend the use of a cutting board to avoid damage to your Talostone® surface.

  • Cleaning Agents to Avoid

All Talostone® surfaces are engineered to the highest chemical resistance levels available. However, strong chemicals and solvents may permanently damage the stone. We do not recommend the use of any strong caustic chemical cleaners. If your Talostone® surface is accidentally exposed to such chemicals, rinse the area immediately with clean water to neutralise the effect.

Talostone® Cream Cleanser can be purchased from Talostone® City Experience Centre - Sydney at 1/1 Danks Street, Waterloo NSW 2017 or ordered online directly from Talostone® official website of

For more information of Care and Maintenance on Talostone® surface, please contact Talostone® for further assistance.

Talostone® Care & Maintenance Guide

Talostone® Care & Maintenance Guide

Customer Service

At Talostone®, quality is a core value and a key driver of our corporate culture and we have a strong commitment to customer service. We have invested substantially in up-to-date quality control system and take enormous pride in our professionally-trained employees who pledge a quality customer experience.

Talostone® boasts an outstanding reputation that is instantly associated with dependability and consistent quality. Our substantial warranties and adaptability of our global services enables us to consistently provide top-quality services and products wherever our clients are located.

Talostone® values comments and feedback from all our customers. Please contact your local representative/distributor for advice or assistance, or simply contact us for any further information you require.

Health & Safety, Technical Data

The following tests were performed under ASTM standards by SGS, Switzerland and indicate the Talostone® top range of quality on an international level. For detailed technical data please download the PDF files below.

Company Brochure & Colour Inspirations Guide

Please download the latest version of Talostone® Company Brochure 2021 and the Talostone® Colour Inspirations Guide 2021. Should you need any hard copies, please visit your nearest kitchen showroom or contact Talostone® team.

Talostone® company brochure

Talostone® company brochure

Talostone® Colour Inspiration Guide

Talostone® Colour Inspiration Guide


Talostone® is so confident your surface will retain its functionality and beauty for many years to come we provide every client with a substantial warranty for every engineered surface we supply. This means we support our products and are at your service to answer queries or solve problem to ensure you achieve maximum satisfaction from your Talostone® surface.

The Limited Warranty of 15 years is provided by your exclusive Talostone® distributor or fabricator in your geographic area and contacting them will provide you with the quickest response. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the response, please contact us for further assistance. We undertake to respond to your request within five working days.

Online Warranty Registration Form

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