Introducing MinQ® Zero Technology:
Revolutionising Stone Safety

We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking advancement in the world of stone — Talostone’s® latest technology, MinQ® Zero.

The Innovation: MinQ® Zero Technology

MinQ® Zero Technology is a testament to our dedication to excellence and safety. We understand the importance of offering a product that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. With MinQ® Zero, we are proud to announce that we have achieved a remarkable milestone—which complies with the Australian Governments updated regulations. Our new range retains all the same colours our customers have come to love, while eliminating crystalline silica, contributing to a safer working environment for all.

Why MinQ® Zero?

In response to the growing demand for safer materials within the industry, Talostone® has listened intently and acted swiftly. MinQ® Zero is the result of our commitment to providing you with the highest quality stone, free from any of the concerns associated with crystalline silica.

We are delighted
to share that the MinQ Zero range will be officially rolled out
in the first half of 2024

When Can You Expect MinQ® Zero?

We are delighted to share that the MinQ® Zero range will be officially rolled out in the first half of 2024. This means you can confidently proceed with any upcoming projects using your favourite Talostone® colours without concern for delay or disruption due to stock availability. This gives you the opportunity to explore and incorporate this revolutionary technology into your new projects, ensuring stunning aesthetics and safety.

At Talostone®, we believe in setting new standards and leading the way in innovation. MinQ® Zero Technology is a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering products that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. We look forward to the enhanced possibilities that MinQ® Zero Technology brings to the world of stone.

MinQ Zero FAQ

Using new, complex and innovative processes, Talostone® have removed crystalline silica components from the MinQ® Zero range to ensure compliance with government requirements. MinQ® Zero shares the same strength, durability and integrity as our current range.

Our MinQ® Zero range continues to undergo extensive testing to ensure that its durability, strength and resistance to heat, stains, chemicals and scratching, is as per our current range.

Each individual colour in the MinQ® Zero range undergoes rigorous testing. We expect availability of currently out of stock or low stock colours by March/April and that all our MinQ® Zero colours will be available by 1 July 2024.

Our current Talostone 15-year Limited Warranty Policy will remain in place and include our MinQ® Zero.

Current pricing remains in place until 30 June. Minor price changes may apply after this date. 

The MinQ® Zero range will be available in the majority of current colours but a small number of colours will be discontinued. However, Talostone® will be launching sintered stone Artsense™ offering a range of new colours.

Silver Ice™, Desert Grey™, Rustic Concrete™, Crushed Ice™, Black Pearl ™, River Sand™, Statuario™ Polished and Leather Honed.

Our innovative MinQ® Zero range offers all the colours our customers have come to love. It is important to note that while we have endeavoured to match our original range as closely as possible, there may be slight variations. We welcome you to view our slabs to make your final selections with confidence.

Talostone® is excited to announce the arrival of two new colours in April with more colours currently being designed- more details to come.
We advise you to order your preferred slabs ASAP to secure them. During this transition period we cannot guarantee when the MinQ® Zero slabs will become available in each colour. More information and updates to follow.