We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new range, MinQ® Technology. This new range of mineral stone features all the same colours that our customers have come to love but with a significantly reduced Crystalline Silica content, all less than 40%.

At Talostone®, our unwavering commitment to safety is deeply ingrained in everything we do. This commitment has spurred the creation of our MinQ® range, meticulously crafted to feature a significantly reduced Crystalline Silica content. Our aim is to not only enhance the quality of our products but to also contribute to a stone industry that prioritises safety. Our MinQ® technology is the result of over two years of intensive research and development, reflecting our dedication to pushing the boundaries of excellence in mineral surfaces.

Our latest innovation offers all the same colours our customers have come to love, with significantly reduced Crystalline Silica.

It’s important to note that Crystalline Silica is a natural component of mineral, it’s also found in many building products. Here’s a graph which shows the Crystalline Silica content in different building products.

TypeAmount of Crystalline Silica %
Demolition dust3-4%
Fibre cement sheets10-30%
Brick Up to 30%
Slate 20-40%
Calcium - silicate bricks 50-55%
Concrete and mortar 25-70%
Manufactured stone (mineral surfaces) 93% or higher
Sand and sandstone 70-100%
MinQ® by Talostone® Less than 40%
Talostone MinQ® Products were tested by Microanalysis Australia

Our MinQ® range is available in all our existing colours and finishes which is ideal for a wide range of applications, including kitchen and bathroom bench tops, as well as wall cladding. It comes with all the same mineral surfaces functions as our previous range, offering high resistance against stains, heat, scratches and chemicals.

It is important to note that while we have endeavoured to match our original range as
closely as possible, there may be slight variations. We welcome you to view our slabs to make your final selections with confidence.

We’re proud to offer our MinQ® range to our customers and continue to innovate and develop products that meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability. We appreciate your support and look forward to helping you create beautiful spaces with our new MinQ® technology.

The Talostone® Team