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Veronica King, also known to many of us on instagram as The Builders Wife, and her husband Mark from King Homes NSW, are the envy of renovators and home builders. Together, they are a powerhouse duo who have meticulously planned and executed many home builds for their clients, as well as their own incredible home.

New kitchen design with Talostone® Super White™

Although Veronica sees practicality as key with 1 year old twin girls, she wasn’t going to compromise on a black kitchen that was both large and striking in design. Her stunning Talostone® Super White island bench with waterfall edge has truly delivered 5 metres of luxury enhanced with a memorable curve. “It really is the wow factor in our kitchen,” smiles Veronica.

Talostone® Super White™ kitchen design

Cleverly, Veronica continued the Talostone® benchtop for her kitchen splashback and bathroom vanity tops for a consistent feel. “It’s a modern, monochromatic theme which was designed with plenty of storage.

Talostone® Super White™ featured kitchen design

We chatted to Veronica more about kitchen design, key things to consider and why she believes it should be a key investment as part of any home renovation or rebuild.

“As a builder’s wife, I have undertaken our own projects and also assisted many clients through King Homes NSW in designing their new kitchen. Here are my 5 top tips to consider when designing your new kitchen.”

1. Choose a durable and long-lasting surface like Talostone®

We have proudly used Talostone® for all of our home builds. Talostone® offers us superior durability so it’s a no-brainer to use it in our customer’s homes but also for our own home. When it came to building our home, I chose the Talostone® Super White for its impressive detail which worked cohesively with our overall interior scheme. The added bonus for me was its durability for a family like ours with two little ones. I didn’t want to worry about a bit of Bolognese sauce spilling or a drop of coffee on the bench, Talostone® is super easy to clean and maintain which works well for our busy and lively family.

Help your kitchen make a statement with Super White™ engineered stone

2. Don’t forget about the kitchen splashback

Using the same stone for your kitchen benchtops as the splashback is a sure way to bring design flair as well as consistency to your kitchen. The continuation of the same stone up the wall and in between cabinetry also creates a luxury appeal. Plus, you will have the added benefit of durable stone around your cooking areas.

3. Ensure you have a bulkhead above cabinetry

A bulkhead is essential for where you have wall cabinets. A bulkhead is what is added between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. This will instantly create a sleek and built in look that makes the cabinetry appear to be one with the wall. The added advantage is that it can also make your kitchen look larger and taller as well as reducing any potential dust build up.

Talostone® Super White™ can be used for kitchen benches and splashbacks

4. Prioritise quality kitchen fixtures

Your kitchen sink and tapware are likely to be the most hard working items in your home so it’s important to choose those items with a long warranty. In addition, if you choose to have an undermount sink, it’s not easily replaced in the event you change your mind or something goes wrong. My top picks are matt black tapware with a pull-out mixer along with black quartz sinks for durability.

5. Skip the trio of hanging pendant lights

The lighting in your kitchen should be considered with my preference being downlights to provide for a well-lit area. Reconsider the trio of hanging pendants above the kitchen bench and think about more contemporary options. My current favourites are a set of surface mounted downlights to create a sleek feel or a long bar light.

“When it comes to a kitchen renovation or the kitchen design of your new home build, there are a number of ways you can make your dollar go further as well as make it a stand-out. A well designed kitchen using quality materials can really add value to your home – and if you have the budget to only splurge in one area of the home – then prioritise the kitchen.” As they say kitchens sell houses!!

Given their growing family and busy lifestyle, it’s no surprise that Veronica and Mark choose an engineered stone for their own beautiful kitchen. We are really grateful that they not only recommended Talostone® to their clients, but chose for themselves a stunning Talostone® Super White benchtop and splashback in their own family home based in Camden, Sydney. No doubt, this kitchen will forever be the heart of this gorgeous family home for a long time to come.

Thank you to Veronica for sharing her invaluable tips and insight into designing the ideal kitchen. The team at King Homes NSW, can support you in your new build project offering affordable quality and design. With all the selections under one roof, and an interior designer to help with your selections, it really takes the stress out of where to start on building your dream home.

King Homes - Mark & Veronica

To take a closer look and experience the craftsmanship of King Homes NSW, we invite you to take a tour of their new showroom. Featuring a display of Talostone® engineered stones, and showcase displays the friendly King Homes NSW team will be happy to help you navigate the build journey for your new home build. Please get in touch with the team there directly to make an appointment.

King Homes selection centre

For more information on your natural choice and our range of premium engineered stone products, please visit the Colours tab on our website, visit our Talostone® City Experience Centre in Waterloo or a local kitchen showroom near you.

Images by The Palm Co
Kitchen build by Vision Kitchens and Joinery
House build by King Homes NSW
Benchtop stone by Talostone®

King Homes kitchen sample

King Homes bathroom showroom sample

King Homes bathroom design

King Homes showroom - kitchen & handles selection

King Homes showroom - kitchen sample

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