Silver Ice

Silver Ice™ 5030



Silver Ice 5030
Range Standard Deluxe Marble Range Premium Marble Range
Nominal Slab Size 3060×1440mm 3075×1600mm 3200×1600mm
Slab Thickness 12mm 20mm 30mm
Surface Finish Leather Honed Matte Polished

Silver Ice is designed to embellish your internal space with its relaxed style. Created using a medium grained white based stone with transparent quartz, the colour immediately imparts a sense of relaxation and peace and can be used with great effect to contrast against stronger colours or combine with colours of the same hue.

Colours, shading and quartz distribution may vary between samples and actual products. For Talostone®’s Marble and Premium Marble range colours, samples are intended only as a representation of background & veins’ colours but not the full slab designs. Please find your nearest Talostone® showroom and display to view the full slab design. Need any help, please contact us.

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