Mineral surfaces colours

Premium Marble Range

Our Premium Marble Range signifies distinctive, innovative design, inspired by superior magnificence and strength of extraordinary marble.

Marble Range

Our Marble Range exemplifies a sophisticated selection of colours and patterns that are destined for designs of excellence.

Deluxe Range

Our Deluxe Range represents an ability to provide quality and luxury in standout style or pairing to create interesting and complementary colour combinations.

Standard Range

Our Standard Range symbolises an established quantity of quality and excellence in designs that are relevant to a comprehensive variety of designs.

Selecting your Talostone® colours


Simply browse the full range of colours and styles by clicking here. Find the perfect slab for your project then advise your kitchen designer, bathroom designer, interior designer, architect or builder of your selection. Your designer will then specify the colour with your order and arrange for the stonemason to order the slab/s from Talostone®.


Specify the Talostone® colour name(s) chosen on your drawings or plans. The builder or renovation company will then advise the stonemason who will then order the relevant slabs from Talostone®.


Specify your Talostone® colour requirements to your stonemason. The stonemason will work with Talostone® to arrange the required slabs for you.


Contact Talostone® via phone or email to order slabs directly and arrange for pick-up. Talostone® aims to offer the simplest and easiest ordering system for stonemasons and we undertake to prepare the slabs and your documents within two hours from the time the order is received.


Talostone® offers a wide range of mineral surfaces products for high quality, luxurious kitchen or bathroom designs at a more cost-effective rate than traditional stone solutions.

A professional wholesaler of mineral surfaces slabs, Talostone® stocks jumbo slabs across our range – either 3200mm x 1600mm or 3075mm x 1600mm depending on the colour selected. The extra-large sizes help homeowners save on material costs and allow designers to maximise slab usage and, therefore, design potential.

At Talostone® we take the design and manufacture of our mineral surfaces slabs very seriously and invest heavily in research and development. It takes, on average, a year and a half from original conception to release of a new colour.
Our marble and premium marble colours are matched as closely as possible to the original marble veins and colours allowing us to accurately imitate the look of natural stone. Talostone® premium marble range colours are manufactured in pairs to assist designers to utilise the bookmatching feature of natural marble.

Australian designers, architects, builders and homeowners choose Talostone® for its premium quality reconstituted stone, excellent service and large slab sizes. Whatever the colour scheme of your kitchen, bathroom or interior space there is a Talostone® colour to match. Our mineral stone surfaces are perfect for kitchen benchtops, vanities, splashbacks, interior wall panels, feature walls and more.